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Since we started the manufacturing and sale of Boc-amino acids in 1982, our company has successively introduced various new products such as Z-amino acids, Fmoc-amino acids and resins for peptide synthesis.

Presently, we are dealing with the sale of special amino acids, non-natural amino acids, synthetic chemicals & reagents

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N-Terminal protected amino acids
  1. Fmoc-amino acids
  2. Boc-amino acids
  3. Z-amino acids
  4. Aloc-amino acids
  5. Ac-amino acids
  6. Trt-amino acids
C-Terminal protected amino acids
  1. Amino acid t-Butyl esters
  2. Amino acid benzyl esters
  3. Amino acid methyl esters
  4. Amino acid ethyl esters
  5. Amino acid amides
Unique or unnatural amino acids
  1. D-Amino acids
  2. N-Methyl amino acids
  3. Amino acids containing linear alkyl side chains
  4. Substituted amino acids
  5. Phosphorylated amino acids
  6. β-Homoamino acids
  7. ω-Amino acids
Building blocks except for amino acids
  1. N-Terminal protected amino alcohols (Fmoc・Boc)
  2. N-Monoprotected diamines (Fmoc・Boc)
Resins for solid phase synthesis
  1. Preloaded resins
  2. Wang resin
  3. Wang PEG resin
  4. Cl-Trt(2-Cl) resin
  1. Coupling reagents
  2. Reagents for avoiding racemization
  3. Organic solvents for peptide synthesis
  4. Deprotective reagents
  5. Protecitive reagents
  6. Organic solvents containing hydrogen chloride
Custom synthesis
  1. Synthesis of amino acid delivertives (including unique or unnatural amino acids) not listed in our catalog
  2. Preparation of preloaded resins
  3. Synthesis of short peptides (dipeptides, tripeptides)
  4. Manufacuturing in bulk quantity