Watanabe Chemical News

Information of our New and OriginalProducts is available here.


Unnatural Amino Acids  ( 348 KB )

We are selling unusual Fmoc-amino acids with various types of unique structures.

Some products are also available in 100mg now.


Fmoc-NHNH Resin Series  ( 683 KB )

More stable and reliable resin for synthesis of peptide hydrazide and peptide thioester.


Trapping Reagents  ( 1 MB )

The trapping reagents optimized according to metabolic system to be assessed by Prof. Tomoyuki Ohe’s group (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Keio University) are now available. You can select the suited reagent for your assessment.


Pis-protected Amino Acids  ( 1 MB )

Pis (2-phenylisopropyl) group can be deprotected with 1% TFA in CH2Cl2.

Selective deprotection can be achieved even in the presence of tBu-based protective groups.



Fmoc-N-Alkylglycines  ( 2 MB )

We are developing the derivatives of N-Alkylglycine for solid-phase synthesis. These are useful for changing peptide structure and enzyme resistance tuning.


Fluorescent Amino Acids, Acd/Bacd  ( 1 MB )

Fluorescent 9-Acridonyl- & 12-Benzo[b]acridonyl- Alanine with high photostability and long fluorescent life.

They can be also applied as FRET (Fluorescent Resonance Energy Transfer) pair.


N-Methyl-PAL-PEG Resin / N-Ethyl-PAL-PEG Resin  ( 387 KB )

C-terminal alkylamide peptides can be obtained by Fmoc solid-phase synthesis.


Dansyl-GSH  ( 283 KB )

The reduced form glutathione with a fluorescent label. This product can be applied to qualitative and quantitative determinations of reactive drug metabolites.


Amino acids containing Diazirine for Photoaffinity Labelling  ( 1 MB )

Tdf is useful reagents as it is amino acid which can be introduced wherever you want in a peptide and the time of light irradiation is short to prevent denaturation and deactivation of a target protein.