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Fluorescent Amino Acids, Acd/Bacd  ( 1 MB )

Fluorescent 9-Acridonyl- & 12-Benzo[b]acridonyl- Alanine with high photostability and long fluorescent life.

They can be also applied as FRET (Fluorescent Resonance Energy Transfer) pair.


N-Methyl-PAL-PEG Resin / N-Ethyl-PAL-PEG Resin  ( 1 MB )

C-terminal alkylamide peptides can be obtained by Fmoc solid-phase synthesis.


Dansyl-GSH  ( 631 KB )

The reduced form glutathione with a fluorescent label. This product can be applied to qualitative and quantitative determinations of reactive drug metabolites.


Amino acids containing Diazirine for Photoaffinity Labelling  ( 1 MB )

Tdf is useful reagents as it is amino acid which can be introduced wherever you want in a peptide and the time of light irradiation is short to prevent denaturation and deactivation of a target protein.


Triazepane and Oxadiazepane derivatives  ( 382 KB )

The products have an immense potential as piperazine and morpholine mimic.


The Acid-Labile Cys-Protecting Groups  ( 290 KB )

The racemization ratio is much less than the Trt-group. And a selective deprotection can be done by the adjustment of TFA quantity.


Amino Acid-NPC(N-phenoxycarbonyl)  ( 863 KB )

The new monomers for polypeptide synthesis. The products are more stable than NCA.


Reagent for measurement of inhibitory activity of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme(ACE).  ( 417 KB )

The new method for a measurement of inhibitory activity of ACE using fluorescent substrate.


Amino Acid Chiral Template SA and RA  ( 538 KB )

The useful Amino Acid Chiral Template for the synthesis of optically pure Amino Acids, such as α-Amino Acids, Alkyl-Amino Acids, saturated/unsaturated Amino Acids and etc…