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Where can I find specifications?

Please see “Specification” listed under Product information.

Purity (HPLC or GC) Chemical purity (area %) determined by HPLC or GC.
Stereoisomers (HPLC) Content (area %) of stereoisomer (enantiomer, diastereomer) determined by HPLC.
Content (Titration) Content (%) determined by titration.
Factor (Titration) Factor determined by titration.
Water Content (Karl-Fischer) Water content determined by Karl-Fischer titration.
Loading Loading amount (mmol/g) of amino acid or functional group on resin.
The method varies depending on the product.

Specification is subject to be changed without prior notice.
Please confirm our website for the latest information.

How to order

1. Availability and price

Catalog products – Please see product information on our website.

Non-catalog products – Please send an inquiry by email or contact form.

2. Purchase order

Please send your purchase order with the following information.

・Product cde and name

・Quantity and price

・Shipping and billing address and contact phone number
**Please inform us if you have an account with a carrier.

3. Shipment

Shipping method : FedEx, DHL, UPS

In-stock products will be shipped within  1-3 working days.

Handling fees and bank charges will be invoiced per shipment.

4. Payment

Payment method: Wire transfer or credit card (VISA or Mastercard) only.

We are very sorry but checks cannot be accepted.


I want to know about the stock status.
Stock status Explanation
In stock (ship within 1-2 working days) The product is in stock, and it will be shipped within 1-2 working days.


In stock, retest needed The product is in stock, but it needs to be tested before shipment. The product will be shipped within 1-2 weeks when the product passed the retest. Shipping depends upon test results.


Please inquire about the availability. The product is not in stock. Please inquire about future availability by email or using the website form.


* Please kindly note that the stock status reflects the previous working day.

What’s the ideal storage temperature?

Please see the product label or product information in our website and store the product under the listed storage temperature to prevent a degradation in quality.

Please see our website to confirm the latest storage conditions, as we review storage conditions based on new knowledge and/or analytical data.

Product label  /product information Storage
KEEP DRY IN FREEZER Frozen and under -15℃
KEEP COOL & DRY Refrigerated 2~10℃
No indication Room temperature and under 30℃

Please see the product label or product information in our website for other storage conditions.

How to know the expiration date of a product.

We do not set an expiration date for each product because the quality of products may change due to storage conditions, contamination due to small amounts of impurities, etc… We do not accept complaints one month after delivery. Please check the acceptability of each product soon after receipt.

How to dispose of products?

Regardless of the amount to be disposed, please dispose of contents/containers through a waste management company authorized by the local government.

Product price is different from before. What’s the correct price?

We review product prices as needed. Prices are subject to change without notice.
Please check our website for the latest information on products.