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Facilities and Equipment


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  • Lab. 2-4

    Labs 2-4 are separate rooms with dark room functions.

    Each lab manufactures a single compound to prevent contamination.

  • Dark Room

    Dark Room Lab with UV protection lamp to manufacture light-sensitive compounds.

  • Lab. 1

    Each lab table has a vacuum line, nitrogen line and local ventilation.

  • Drying Room

    Compounds in a desiccator or a large dryer are dried under reduced pressure.


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  • Cross rotary mixer

    Cross rotary mixers are used to mix up compounds in powder form in a short time by biaxial rotation.

  • HPLC

    Chemical and optical purity are detected by HPLC.

    Purity criteria is set at high standards at Watanabe Chemical Industries and products with a high level of quality are delivered to our customers.

  • LCMS

    Molecular weight of compounds is confirmed by LCMS.

    LCMS is also used to confirm and identify impurities.

  • Glass reactor

    100L and 50L reactors are used to manufacture acid products.

  • Glass reactor

    Two 300L reactors are used to manufacture compounds such as amino acid derivatives at Kg scales.